Gluco, a healthy and wholesome biscuit enriched with the goodness of wheat, milk and butter aim to make each kid a Gluco kid – strong and smart. Gluco has been a staple of the Peek Freas portfolio for more than 40 years and is consumed by the kid on a daily basis. A brand that promises to provide energy for the kids with every bite they take.

Bulls Eye Communications has executed multiple activations for Gluco. An event took place at Arts Council Karachi where Gluco managed to attract kids and mother at massive level. Multiple gaming activities took place in which the kids were tested on their physical and mental capabilities and were late rewarded for performing well.

Gluco Dawn activation was also executed by Bulls Eye Communications. The theme was simple and spot on of what Gluco stand for. It was a spelling bee competition in which the kids were rewarded for scoring the most. A campaign that managed to create a lot of awareness for Gluco amongst the kids.