A market leader in the industry, a brand that promises you nothing but pure joy in every scoop. Wall’s is the most widely available ice cream across the globe. Keeping up with the trends the brand has evolved over a period of time and has taken a conscious step to providing healthier and nutritious products.

Bulls Eye Communications partnered with Wall’s I spreading joy across Pakistan. A campaign that is celebrated across the globe. The challenge was one of the toughest to date – to make people SIMILE, to spread JOY. With just a simple gesture of sharing Wall’s with each other we were able to paint Pakistan with the Colors of Wall’s, we were able to spread JOY! A convoy of all the trikes of Wall’s stormed the city and painted it with the colors and music of Wall’s – thus making people SMILE. Multiple activations went on ground to ensure that we make people SMILE – gifts, fun filled activities – the message all in all was simple – SPREADING JOY.