Lifebuoy aims to provide affordable and accessible hygiene solutions to ensure that people lead a life free form hygiene related worries, everywhere. Lifebuoy is a brand that is proven in the laboratories to provide 100%more effective germ protection as compare to its competitors. Health and Hygiene education is one of the core plans of Lifebuoy. Ensuring that people realize the importance of washing their hands with Lifebuoy to combat health and hygiene related diseases. 

Bulls Eye Communications has been associated with Lifebuoy for the longest period of time.The recent campaign addressed the issue that diarrhea is the single largest cause of death, killing about 2.2 million people every year – the kids majorly in the rural district die before the age of 5. Lifebuoy Life Saver Campaign was built around the theme of educating the people on the importance of handwashing. A life saver kit was created and the money collected helped us in going in the rural areas of Pakistan to disperse the knowledge of importance of Handwashing thus helping each child reach 5.