Fair & Lovely

Fair & Lovely is the world’s first leading brand that promises to lighten the skin. The brand is ISO certified meeting the highest level of skin care and safety. Fair & Lovely is known to bring expert fairness to the Pakistani consumer. Tapping both the genders Fair & Lovely has recently introduced Fair & Lovely Max which is catering to the skin care need of Men.

Bulls Eye Communications pulled off back to back flawless trade event for Fair & Lovely. The event not only was aesthetically pleasing but also educated the traders on Fair & Lovely as a brand and the many benefits it tends to offer.  The new packaging was launched for trader via 3D Mapping – something that was done for the first item in the history.  Along with the Traders Event, Salon Programs were also run where the beauticians were trained on the usage of Fair & Lovely and how and why is it better form its competitors.