Pepsodent is a brand that knows and understands the importance of brushing twice a day in order to say healthy and free of oral diseases and germs. The brand was launched in Pakistan with a sole message and value of improving oral hygiene. Pepsodent is the only brand that makes oral care an engaging experience via its products, practices and creative way of educating people on the same.

Pepsodent is a brand that targets kids along with their parents. Bulls Eye Communications conducted a School Program where the kids were educated on the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day. A customized kinect game was made which made the whole experience of education interactive and entertaining for the kids. 

Apart from the School Program, Pepsodent Superman Activation was also pulled off by Bulls Eye Communication where the superhero helped us communicate our message to the kids. An engaging way in which our message was send across to the kids. Junior Dentist was another activation where each kid got to see themselves as a Junior Dentist and the key to germ free teeth was Pepsodent.

A regular BA Program runs across the whole year where Parents are thoroughly educated on the importance of Oral Care and how and why Pepsodent is better than it many competitors.