Carte D'Or


Carte D’or combines delicious ingredient to deliver mouth watering heavenly desserts to its consumers, a brand that completes any dessert. The wide range includes Carte D’or Salted Caramel and Indulgent Chocolate Inspiration, as well as classics such as Vanilla, Vanilla Light and Rum and Raisin. A brand that is famous across the globe for creating simple, inspirational and delicious desserts for all. A perfect end to your meal – Carte D’or.


Bulls Eye Communications brings the personality of Carte D’or to life. A brand that is famous for putting a perfect end to one’s meal with just a single scoop. Multiple activations to make people comprehend the fact that Carte D’or is the perfect dessert were conducted in conventional as well as unconventional channels. From the leading International and Local Modern Trade to conducting massive sampling in Weddings – we made sure that the perfect end to the consumers meal was Carte D’or.