Come Alive with Nescafé – from your morning cup to wrapping up your day Nescafé magic goes beyond just a great tasting cup of coffee; its eye opening, thought provoking and stimulating. A band that is known for stimulating the consumers physically, mentally and emotionally touching their body, mind and soul. Nescafé fits in form A to Z!   

Bulls Eye Communications communicated to the youth of what Nescafé stands for. A Nescafé Hub was created where not only consumers got to experience Nescafé up close and personal but also their moments were captured and were given to them then and there. Thus, connecting with them on an emotional level.

In addition, Nescafé 3 in 1 Activation was also pulled off by Bulls Eye Communications where are message was steer clear – Come Alive with Nescafé. It was a first hand experience for our consumers.