Dairy Omung

Catering to each market and to each segment, Engro Foods Limited with Dairy Omung provides a perfect substitute to nutritious loose milk which is widely available to the mid-to-low income group. A product that brings a ray of hope for people; providing them with a wholesome UHT drink that’s within their reach and means. The brand communicates the message of strength and optimism to each individual and to welcome each day of their life with a smile on their face.

Bulls Eye Communications understands the fact that in order to make a product a part of the daily lifestyle of a consumer it has to tap into the consumers mind via various channels and on various occasions. For Dairy Omung, activations on a massive level across all the channels – from cluster markets to International and Local Modern Trade were conducted. “Dairy Omung Wala” was a part of the activation, helping to bring the idea on ground of making people smile and giving them the hope to look forward each day with nothing but optimism.