Tarang, Pakistan’s No.1 tea whitening brand is known to make the perfect of tea with its distinct fresh aroma, rich taste and strong focus enhancing the tea drinking experience. Having the USP of being the “Chai Ka Sahi Jor”, Tarang connects with its audience on an emotional level by letting them know that the match of Tea and Tarang is as perfect as they are with their significant other. A perfect combination of Tea and Tarang will take you nowhere but in the state of”bliss-tea-tude”.

Bulls Eye Communications is proud to be associated with one of the most talked about and successful campaign “Hero Bannay Ki Tarang”. An exclusive show with the leading stars of Pakistan including Reema, Faisal Quereshi and Javaid Shaikh to name a few. Giving the common man a chance to become one of the leading stars if they have the will and desire to do so.

With its growing market, Tarang launched a new flavor “Tarang Elaichi” to ensure that they cater to the audience who like variance in their tea. The brand experience on ground was conducted by Bulls Eye Communications in which people got to experience our brand up close and personal along with winning various prizes via our activation.