Olper's Lassi

In the scorching heat of summers, Engro Foods Limited being an innovator launched a new product to cater to the audience to beat the heat with Olper’s Lassi. The taste of the product is spot on keeping I mind that it targets the premium audience but what sets it a part is its cool and trendy packaging. Keeping it desi yet stylish is what Olper’s Lassi is all about.

Trusting Bulls Eye Communications for the expertise that we hold, Olper’s Lassi was launched by joining hands with a leading signing sensation of Pakistan Ali Gul Pir. “Sab Choro Lassi Phoro” song was launched where the sole message was to let go off all the worries and gulp down Olper’s Lassi – a product that will not only beat the heat but will also make each individual embrace its desi side.