National Foods

National Foods believes in developing innovative food products based on convenience and quick preparation in accordance with modern lifestyles but at the same retains its traditional values through its diverse collection of food products. National Foods has positioned itself as a brand that is known to celebrate love, vitality and friendship. The brand is divided into multiple product categories that include Spices, Desserts, Snacks, and Drinks to name a few.

Bulls Eye Communications has done numerous numbers of activations for National Foods. National Ketchup being one of them, the idea was to make people experience National Ketchup. The audience got to taste National Ketchup which was served along with some snacks.

To create massive awareness National Buggy Barat was also executed by Bulls Eye Communications. Multiple Buggies’ were beautifully decorated with the color of National and went on ground to create awareness. Multiple consumer promotion activities were running alongside National Buggy Barat to boost sales.